Our standard processing time is 2-4 days after the order is placed and received on our store. We package, process, and ship the item within the 2-4 day processing time. Customers can cancel their order before it is sent out. A customer can not cancel their order after it has been shipped out. A customer can only receive a full refund for their transaction before it is sent. A customer can not receive a refund for their order after it has been sent until it's received. 

Items vary on delivery times depending on the times of day it was sent, country of destination, and other variables, unforeseen reasons. Orders are usually delivered anywhere from 5-10 business days depending on variables out of our control.


Please note we also do not ship to the following countries:

Afghanistan, Balkans, ​Belarus, Burma, Central African Republic , Chinese Military Companies, ​Cuba, ​Cyber, ​Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, ​Global Magnitsky, ​Iran, ​Iraq, ​Lebanon, ​Libya, Magnitsky, Mali, Nicaragua, ​Non-Proliferation, ​North Korea, ​Rough Diamond Trade Controls, Russian Harmful Foreign Activities, ​Somalia, ​Sudan and Darfur,​South Sudan, ​Syria, ​Transnational Criminal Organizations, ​Ukraine-/Russia, Venezuela, ​Yemen, ​Zimbabwe